Digital advertising refers to marketing through online channels, such as websites, streaming content, and more. Digital ads span media formats, including text, image, audio, and video. They can help you achieve a variety of business goals across the marketing funnel, ranging from brand awareness to customer engagement, to launching new products and driving repeat sales.

The field of digital advertising is relatively young, in comparison to traditional channels such as magazines, billboards, and direct mail. The evolution of advertising isn’t just about what the ads look like or where they appear, but also the ways they’re built, sold, and measured.

Why is digital advertising important?

There are many reasons that digital ads are a crucial part of any business’s marketing strategy. Maybe the most important one is that consumers are spending more and more time connected to the Internet through their computers, smartphones, and smart home devices. The average American has access to more than 10 connected devices in their household.1 Digital marketing allows you to meet audiences where they are.

People make decisions about the goods and services they buy at all times of the day, during all kinds of activities. With digital ads, you can reach audiences when they are browsing online for products to buy. Or you might reach them when they’re streaming a TV show, visiting a favorite website, or using social media. Even if they don’t choose to purchase from you in that moment, reaching them in these different contexts can help them remember your brand later on, when they’re ready to purchase.