Algorithms are used on social media to sort content in a user’s feed. With so much content available, it’s a way for social networks to prioritize content they think a user will like based on a number of factors.

As a marketer that may sound wonderful as it gets your content in front of the right people. But be warned, social media algorithms are by no means perfect.

The purpose of an algorithm is to filter out irrelevant content or content that’s not high quality. This puts your content at risk of being buried or hidden from feeds if it does not fit the criteria. Plus, as Google introduces a new ranking signal into the mix – page experience – it’s key that you brief yourself on core web vitals to ensure your content gets seen by bots and users.  

An analysis of YouTube found that videos got millions of views even though they were not relevant to the user, but were chosen by the algorithm. In fact, the same study found that 64 percent of users came across YouTube videos that seemed false or untrue, while 60 percent encountered videos with people taking part in dangerous or troubling behavior

As a fallible system, social networks regularly tweak their algorithms to improve user experience. The solution? Ensure your content is high quality, relevant and appealing while keeping an eye on any algorithm changes to see if you need to tweak your social media strategy.