A marketing audit is a systematic, objective review of an organization’s marketing function to verify marketing systems are accurate, relevant, reliable, and aligned with defined processes and best practices. This review helps marketers determine whether marketing strategies, tactics, systems, or processes should be adjusted to improve marketing results or operational consistency.

A common misconception is that a marketing audit is synonymous with or similar to a planning process. It is not. However, it should inform marketing plans and may even trigger marketing planning.

A well-conducted marketing audit will highlight areas that are performing well and those that are not up to par. Ultimately, a marketing audit enables marketers to base decision-making on objective evidence rather than gut feelings. We call the marketing audit systematic because it is both objective and methodical.

The breadth and depth of a given marketing audit can vary based on relative priority. It can be as broad as covering an entire marketing function. Alternatively, it may be a smaller targeted audit of a specific area, such as a content audit or an SEO audit. For reference, in this article, we’ll review the fundamentals of a complete audit of an entire marketing function.