Brand loyalty

What is brand loyalty?

Brand loyalty is when customers continue to purchase from the same brand over and over again, despite competitors offering similar products or services. Not only do customers continue engaging and purchasing from the same brand, but they also associate positive feelings toward that brand. Brand loyalty has a lot to do with how customers perceive your brand, its actions, and its values. And it’s an important way to help retain customer loyalty and increase repurchase rates.

Levels of Brand Loyalty

Not all brand loyalists are created equal. This section breaks down how someone can start as someone who simply knows your brand to someone who is loyal to it.

Brand Recognition

Recognition is the first step in brand loyalty. Before a consumer can form an impression of your brand, they first need to be exposed to it. Once they recognize your brand, it may be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of a certain product or service.

For instance, you may not spend a lot of time shopping for jewelry, but you might recognize Tiffany & Co. and associate it with luxury, romance, and beauty.

This recognition is due to the brand’s extensive marketing efforts to become a household name and reach audiences that align or fall outside of their ideal buyer persona.

First impressions can last – so if you’re looking to build a loyal audience, it’s important that you invest your resources in making those initial touchpoints positive ones. Given the digital age we live in, this is most likely through your website and social media accounts.

Brand Preference

When someone prefers your brand, it means they’ll choose your brand over another if all things are equal. However, they may still be swayed by competitors taking additional steps to appeal to your audience.

This is why it’s important to create a robust brand identity and maintain it at every point in your company’s growth.

Brand Insistence

At this level, your brand is no longer compared to other competitors. It’s the highest level of loyalty and the level every business is striving for with its audience.

While a brand loyalist can reach brand insistence without ever purchasing a product, this is most common in customers. If a consumer already identifies with your brand and you provide an easy shopping experience plus a good product or service, you can turn a one-time buyer into a brand evangelist.