Content upgrade

Content upgrades are a type of lead magnet

Content upgrades are highly-specific opt-in offers that will turn each and every one of your blog posts into an email list-building machine on steroids.

Essentially, they are lead magnets that you create as a bonus offering for a particular blog post.

They are very targeted and designed to appeal to the person who came to your site to read your specific blog post.

To be effective, each one of your content upgrades must elaborate or complement the blog post your website visitor is already consuming.

In order to access the bonus content, your website visitor must provide you with an email address and name. This gets them on your email list as a subscriber.

Why you need content upgrades (hint: they grow your email list like crazy) 

The reason that you need content upgrades is because – done right – they convert your website visitors into email list subscribers at a much higher rate than the standard “subscribe to our newsletter” or “sign up to get updates.”

They will help you grow your email list exponentially.

Your goal is to make your content upgrades so compelling and useful, that your blog readers simply must opt into your email list to get them.

The reason is simple: people will come to your website to read something on your blog or watch a video you’ve uploaded, but the majority of your visitors won’t be ready to buy. 

In fact, statistics show more than 70% of the people who visit your website and blog will never come back.

That’s why when people visit your website, you must make it your top priority to capture their name and emails.

Leveraging content upgrades has yielded incredible results for popular bloggers who added them to their site.

How to create content upgrades that are powerful email list builders

To turn your online website visitors into warm leads, your content upgrades should be:

  1. Insanely valuable to your specific audience: The blog post that your audience came to read just provided them with some new ideas that help them to solve a problem. And the content upgrade should help your reader take action, moving them forward to the next step.
  2. Easy to consume: In the case of content upgrades, bigger is not always better. Make content upgrades that your email subscribers can read quickly. Use bullet points or checklists to keep it simple.
  3. Very specific: For example, if you teach photography and write a blog post that is called “10 Tips to Quickly Improve Your iPhone Photos,” your content upgrade could be a one-page checklist called “7 Hidden iPhone Camera Features that Every Photographer Should Use.” (Makes you want to go download it, doesn’t it?)
  4. Actionable: Create downloads that your audience can use right away to solve their problem. They came to your blog post because they were looking for a solution – tell them a lot in your blog post, and then give them even MORE in your content upgrade!
  5. Easy for you to create – This is key because, let’s face it, your blog post already took you a while to write. So, you want your content upgrade to take you under an hour to create (think checklists, short guides, templates, and so on). Yes, it’s extra work to create a content upgrade, but this extra hour that you’ll spend on your blog post has an incredible ROI.